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How I turned my office around follow this blog post

posted by barbara goldman on Feb. 11, 2010

I haven't blogged since November! We have been very busy at my office. Last year was a real challenge. Our clients stopped hiring, and we were working on projects that didn't pan out. We started 2009 up over 25%! We really thought that the year was going to be a breeze. Then, we were hit hard by the recession.

What to do? Where to turn?

Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Our hot sheet wasn't predictable, and candidates were very hard to close.

I have spent years training recruiters. I traveled all over the United States, and trained in house recruiters and third party recruiters. I also trained my own people. I thought I was good at it. I thought that I had all the answers. In 2008, half of my office made over 200,000. Now everyone was starving.

What happened? I had lived through many recessions over the years, big ones, little ones. And, I had never been as affected as this big recession.

Well, in December, I made a great decision to bring in another trainer.

I turned to Bob Marshall. I had purchased his CDs years ago, and used them as part of my training program. I like him. He is real, and unlike a lot of trainers, has real world success under his belt. He is an old fashioned recruiter. I didn't bring him in to help us search the internet. I brought him in to strengthen our skills, and drag us out of our doldrums.

He worked with us in December. My office turned around within a month using his techniques.

Are his techniques new? No. His methods are tested and proven over the years. So, he coached us for one month.

We knew everything he was telling us. We knew all the techniques, all the closes. But why did it take Bob to turn my office around?

My recruiters had lost their spunk. They had stopped believing in our recruiting system, and in the industry. They had stopped crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's in a placement.

No matter how much they wanted to be good recruiters, they had 'lost it'. All of the disappointments over the year had just worn everyone out.

We pushed hard in December. Bob motivated everyone. Bob taught us to work our numbers, and believe in our abilities again. We came back to work in January with numbers under our belts.

Now, after two months of focusing on the basics, keeping to task, and following our qualification and offer system to the letter, we are back on top.

All it took was the old fashioned system. The system that was developed years ago works. Now, we start every day with interviews, submissions, and offers!

Life is good.

If your office has lost its magic, Humble yourself. Bring in an outside trainer.

It doesn't matter if you have been told that you are the best trainer on earth. If your office isn't up to standards, maybe an outside voice can help you. It turned my office around.

BTW, I'm too busy with business to be on a desk anymore.

Good luck everyone in 2010. Either the market has been improving, or my office is better handle the recession. Numbers tell us that the market isn't that great, and has a ways to go. Not in my office. We are making our own success.

Thank you Bob Marshall.

barbara goldman

1 point 8 hours ago

We started to focus on numbers, and working only urgent business. Bob also helped us with our marketing and recruiting techniques.

Now, we count every call. Even the old recruiters. Everyone focuses on getting at least 100 pts a day. And, everyone averages more than that. We also made our internal system tighter. Made sure that we asked every question, and eliminated candidates that had their own agendas.

We expanded our interview questions, and focused on getting to know our candidates.

Also, I talk to every candidate that interviews with our clients before the interview. I can then eliminate any problems, or red flags, or sometimes I pull the interview.

We also demand answers from everyone. A NO is better than a MAYBE. 

David Manaster

1 point 9 hours ago

It's been a tough year for everyone, Barbara. Congratulations on coming back strong!

You are definitely a fan of Bob's.  What were a couple of the specific tips that he gave you that helped you to turn it all around?

Pierre Clemenceau, Owner, Real Time Recruiting, Washington, DC

In this economy, when your recruiting abilities are being challenged every day, there is no better trainer & coach than Bob Marshall to help you strengthen your marketing & recruiting skills.  Because those skills are based on the fundamental laws of recruiting that have been tried, tested and trusted for decades.  Those skills are the ones that will 'pull you through' these tough times. 

Jim Poloni, Principal, MR Vancouver, WA

  Our team greatly enjoys your training sessions.  We find it very practical and applicable in our practices.  From our very tenured Account Executivies to our recent hires, the content and delivery you provide is very beneficial to everyone.  If anyone cannot take away practical and useful tactics to apply on their desk, then they do not have the commitment to improve themselves and their productivity in our industry.  I offer that your programs have something for everyone and it would benefit every recruiter to 'tune in' to your training programs. 

Alan Schonberg, past-CEO, Management Recruiters International, Inc.

  Speaking of the best, a young man named Bob Marshall started to work a desk in Reno, Nevada (in 1980).  He did very, very well and he enjoyed working that desk.  He moved to another office in the California area where he wanted to live and he came to the attention of we, the corporate group, in our 'ivory tower' in Cleveland, Ohio.  And we sensed--we saw in this man--probably one of the most raw and greatest talents in terms of understanding the dynamics and espcially the human dynamics of our business, but he had not taught them as yet.  He had not espoused them to our universe.  He had not trained people in them, but he said he wanted to and he said, 'I know I'm raw, but I've got a tremendous amount of knowledge, of insight, and a message that I think can contribute so much to the good and welfare, the benefit of and the earnings of our Account Executives'.  And, ultimately, as a result of that, Bob Marshall became our Regional manager on the West Coast.  And what a record he achieved for himself.  He almost became a 'cult' figure, not only on the West Coast, but as people around the country heard of him--of what he had to contribute.  They asked him in groups and forums such as this, they asked him:  Would he work with their groups?--would he come to their offices?--would he come to their region?--would he speak at their regional meetings?--and so forth.  And Bob carved a special niche for himself in not only the culture of this company, but in the culture of this industry and the human dynamics that make it what it is.  He is rare.  He is unique.  He is different.  And for each one of you in this group who has not heard him, today will be a memorable day you will never forget.
Mr. Bob Marshall
(Alan's introduction at the Florida Area Mini-Regional, Orlando, Florida, November 6, 1987)

To Bob Marshall, A man who chose to be his "own boss" long ago...So he could bring insight, training, technique, motivation and even life lessons to thousands. (February 2010 inscription in Alan's book, 169 Ways to Score Points with your Boss, ©1998).

To Bob Marshall, While this book is written for candidates, "Confidentially," Bob has inspired thousands of "Headhunters" to perfect their craft, & thereby their contributions to not only candidates, but also to the companies who employ them.  (February 2010 inscription in Alan's book, Headhunters Confidential, ©2000). 

Mike Gionta, TheRecruiterU.com

 I have been a student and a fan of Bob's Teachings for my entire 20+ years as a recruiting firm owner.  His teachings are timeless.  The best part about them is that Bob lays them out step by step for you to implement them.  His strategies and techniques have stood the test of time.  Lastly, Bob was a speaker at an event I hosted, The Recruiting Firm Owner's Summit and was one of our top rated presenters!

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